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Gaïana announces new acquisition of spanish company Ayanet TIC

by Groupe Gaïana November 15, 2021
The GAÏANA Group, France's leading publisher of software dedicated to the Life Sciences sector (wine and spirits, horticulture and agriculture), has acquired the Spanish company Ayanet TIC, a publisher of business software dedicated to the agri-food and distribution industries.

The deal is part of Gaïana's external growth strategy and will enable the group to begin its international roll-out and add new solutions based on Microsoft Business Central to its portfolio.

This new range of solutions for the agricultural sector will complement the existing range initiated with the acquisition of ASAPE in November 2021. This operation will also enable Gaïana to open up the Spanish market to its viticulture and horticulture solutions (Europe's 3rd largest market behind France and Italy).

Ayanet TIC was founded in 1985 and is run by Juan Carlos Marín Bernad and Rafael Auría Ayerbe. The company publishes business ERP management solutions, mainly based on Microsoft ERP management/finance, dedicated to players in the agriculture/agri-food and specialised distribution sectors. It has a strong geographic footprint in Spain, with offices in Zaragoza, Seville, Palencia and Sigüenza. Following the transaction, Rafael Auria Ayerbe will continue to manage Ayanet TIC, working closely with Gaïana's management team.

Christophe Morizot, Chairman of the Gaïana Group: « We are delighted with the acquisition of Spanish company Ayanet TIC. This new acquisition is perfectly in line with the Group's strategy, enabling us to gain a foothold in Spain, and more generally in the Iberian Peninsula, as well as adding solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to our range. We were particularly impressed by the professionalism of all the teams and the warm welcome we received from the company's managers. »

Baptiste Massé, Group CFO: "Gaïana is pursuing its ambitious external growth strategy with the acquisition of Ayanet TIC. This is the fourth transaction since the group was taken over in December 2019, along with Bacchus, ASAPE and PAC Informatique. We wish to continue on this dynamic, in France as well as in Western Europe, with new business verticals linked to our strategic sectors. ".

Juan Carlos Marín, Chairman of Ayanet TIC: "I am very proud to be ending my professional career by joining Ayanet TIC as part of the Gaïana Group, which specialises in the agri-food sector, as this guarantees the future of our customers and our staff, who will benefit from all the synergies generated by the fruit of this union".

Rafael Auria Ayerbe, Managing Director of Ayanet TIC: "Taking on the role of Managing Director of Ayanet TIC is a source of pride and responsibility for me. I'm confident that I'll continue to take the company in the right direction, because I have the best management team in its history and satisfied customers who are committed to our project and who share with us their ideas and needs for improving our solutions in the agri-food and distribution sectors: NutriNAV and RutaNAV. Being part of the Gaïana group opens up a world of synergies in workgroups, technology, products, economic strength and international expansion that will enable us to move forward together with our customers and employees".

André Renaison, Partner at Meanings Capital Partners, and François Galand, Investment Director, commented: "We are delighted to have been able to support Gaïana's management in its strategic thinking and in the execution of this cross-border acquisition. With Bacchus, ASAPE, Pac Informatique and Ayanet TIC at its side, the Gaïana group intends to pursue its active external growth strategy in France and Europe, across all its business lines.

Acquisition Ayanet TIC

About Ayanet TIC

Founded in 1985, Ayanet TIC publishes and integrates ERP management solutions, essentially based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, dedicated to players in the agri-food and distribution sectors.

Ayanet TIC operates in Spain through 4 offices in Zaragoza, Seville Palencia and Sigüenza.

In 2019, Ayanet TIC adapted its in-house software to the new version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to prepare it for a SaaS sales model.

Ayanet TIC has enjoyed steady, controlled growth over the past 10 years, thanks in particular to the organic development of its NutriNAV and RutaNAV solutions, as well as 3 acquisitions.

For more information: Visit Ayanet TIC website

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